High resolution and intelligent focus


Visibility in all conditions


High-tech hardware tested under intense conditions for optimal performance


Modern, real-time recognition system powered by artificial intelligence


Designed to withstand even the most challenging and hazardous conditions


Discreet device that seamlessly integrates with police operations without disruption

The revolution of police security

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Why do we do this

In the United States, it is common for police officers to patrol the streets in their vehicles, a practice that is essential to maintain order and security in communities. However, a recurring problem is the lack of an effective alert system for approaching threats. Many officers are surprised by attackers, without enough time to defend or react.

According to a National Science Foundation survey, over 60% of police officers killed in the line of duty in the past five years were victims of firearm attacks, with many of these attacks occurring while officers were inside their patrol vehicles.

One reason for this is that currently, police vehicles do not have an efficient threat alert system. Some police cars have radar systems that alert when a vehicle is approaching rapidly, but this is not always enough to detect a real threat. Other systems, such as motion detectors, are also limited.

Therefore, it is essential to develop and implement more effective and precise alert systems for police vehicles. These systems could include sound and image sensors, as well as intelligent software that can quickly identify suspicious patterns and behaviors.

With these systems in place, officers could be alerted with more lead time, allowing them to prepare to respond to potential threats. This could reduce the number of deaths and injuries suffered by officers on duty and, consequently, make the streets safer for everyone.